Infant mortality 

Updated: 14.4.2016 - Next update: 14.4.2017

Infant mortality record low

In 2015, a total of 97 children died during their first year. The number is lowest in the history of independent Finland. Compared with 2014, the number of children dying at the age of under one year, that is, infant mortality, went down by 27. Infant mortality per 1,000 live births was 1.7. Before 2015, the lowest infant mortality figure was 1.8 per mil in 2013, when 102 children died at the age of under one year.

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Description of indicator

Infant mortality is calculated by dividing the number of deaths of infants under one year of age by the number of live births during the statistical year. Multiplying the result by 1,000 gives the figure in per mille.